One very useful new feature is the generated finder methods. It is now possible to specify the query in the model file and let sculptor generate the code for the repository operations. In some cases the query can be derived from the method signature only.

This will generate a query returning all persons with the specified first name.

Entity Person {
	String firstName
	String lastName
	Date birthDate

	PersonRepository {
		findBy(String firstName);

More advanced conditions can also be specified

PersonRepository {
	findBornBefore(Date bd) condition="birthDate < :bd" orderBy="firstName";
	findByName(String name) condition="lastName i= :name or firstName i= :name";

Sculptor generates findByCondition expressions and will report at generation time if there are any errors in the queries.

Another nice addition is the generated builder classes that provides a fluent interface to build domain objects in a manner that can be easier to work with and read.

Book book = book()
	.title("Ender's Game")

Read more about the release.

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