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Sculptor is an open source productivity tool that applies the concepts from Domain-Driven Design and Domain Specific Languages for generating high quality Java code and configuration from a textual specification.

Easy to learn

Intuitive syntax of the textual DSL, based on the concepts from DDD.

Rock-solid foundation

The generated code is based on well-known frameworks, such as JPA, Hibernate, Spring Framework or Java EE.

Productivity Boost

Generates all the plumbing and boiler-plate code for rich and persistent domain model.

Full control

Code generation can be customized via properties or template overriding.

The complete solution

Integrates nicely with Eclipse IDE and Maven build via plugins.

Free and open source

Released under the Apache 2.0 license, source available on GitHub.

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YourKit supports Sculptor Generator open source project with its full-featured Java Profiler

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