Both Patrik and I have always been believers of Event Driven Architecture. EDA has been around for many years, but recently the attention towards it has increased. The reasons for that is probably many, but I guess one of the most important is that EDA will help you build more concurrent and scalable system.

Therefore, as we strive to support popular technologies, we take the opportunity to implement support for EDA in the newly released 1.9.0 version of Sculptor.

Patrik has written a couple of interesting posts (here and here) about event driven architecture in a special implementation model, event sourcing. Event sourcing is a powerful tool in certain circumstances. Though, not always a perfect match.

Also, many people reads SOA2.0 or ESB when you say EDA. This is for sure true in many cases, but just a small set of the truth.

EDA is much more than event sourcing, SOA2.0 or ESB implementations.

EDA plays a big role in application architecture and design (or even module design) as well.

Our approach is that you as a developer should be able to choose how and where you implement EDA.

That is what we will talk about in a sequence of posts:

  • EDA in general.
  • EDA, how we see it.
  • EDA, how we support it.

So, stay tuned for more about EDA.

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