In this release the technologies used or supported by Sculptor has been upgraded to newer versions:

  • Eclipse was upgraded to version 4.4 (Eclipse Luna)
  • Xtext/Xtext was upgraded to version 2.8.1
  • Spring was upgraded to version 4.1.6
  • Hibernate was upgraded to version 4.2.18 (Hibernate 4.2 is the last version of Hibernate which does not require JPA 2.1)
  • Jave EE support was upgraded to version 6

This release adds a first version of a Sculptor Cartridge for using Spring Data JPA. By adopting Spring Data JPA Sculptors own JPA repository implementation (generic access objects and generated finders) is replaced by the Spring Data framework (generic API across different persistence technologies). An introduction to Spring Data JPA can be found in Oliver Gierkes blog posts Getting started with Spring Data JPA and Advanced Spring Data JPA - Specifications and Querydsl.

A few new examples have been added:

The following features have been dropped:

  • Java 6 is not supported anymore (Sculptors is built with Java 7)
  • JPA1 (with Hibernate 3) is not supported anymore - only JPA 2.0 (with Hibernate 4.2) is supported now

This release introduced the following API changes:

  • Refactoring of ServiceContext into package org.sculptor.framework.context
  • Refactoring of JpaFlushEager into package org.sculptor.framework.persistence

So check out the new version of Sculptors Eclipse plugin (available from and the Maven plugin (available from Maven Central).

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